For much of Abilene's history, Interstate Highway 20 has played a crucial part in the history and the economy of Abilene and the Big Country area. As part of an initiative to improve driving conditions across the state, that Texas Department of Transportation wants to know your suggestions on how to improve the 16 miles of I-20 in Abilene.

Share Your Thoughts on I-20 in Abilene

The I-20 Texas Corridor Study is a great way to share your thoughts and have a say in how public roadways like I-20 impact our community. The survey is aavailable in both English and Spanish. You can click here to take the survey. The survey will remain open online until Decebmer 10, 2021.

Things to think about when responding to the survey include safety conditions on the road, traffic congestion, vehicle size and mobolity on I-20, and the conditions of ramps and surrounging roadways.

The biggest undertaking for the I-20 Texas Corridor Study in Abilene will be widening the road to include six lanes. This part of the project will deal with 16 miles of I-20, from the western Abilene city limits to County Road 108 (Buck Creek Road in Taylor and Callahan counties.

Expanding these lanes will help road safety and usability for both locals and travelers on I-20 in Abilene, along with sprucing up some outdated ramps and improving emergency personnel response times across the area and the state of Texas.

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Interesting Abilene I-20 Traffic Facts From TxDOT:

  • Within city limits, 30,000 cars and trucks use I-20 to travel every day on average.
  • 35% of that traffic is commercial trucks.
  • This corridor of I-20 in Abilene sees aroud 30% more crashes than the average statewide number.

If you're interested in learning more, you visit TxDOT's website (search "I-20 Sil-Lane Widening project") or contact the Project Team directly at (512) 342-3281.

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