In the state of Texas, the election of the state's Railroad Commissioner rarely makes major news or draws very much attention at all. One Republican candidate for the position has drawn criticism online for how she's vying for voter attention leading up to the election.

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Sarah Stogner Twitter (@Sarah4RRC)TikTok (@theunicornlawyer)

Stogner, a Midland attorney specializing in oil and gas law, cannabis business law, aviation law, and insurance coverage and indemnity, has not accepted any outside contributions to her campaign — hence her tongue-in-cheek caption above about having "other assets."

The video amassed over 24,000 views on the video-sharing app TikTok in roughly three days.

Folks unfamiliar with the Railroad Commission of Texas should know it's one of the most powerful regulatory agencies within the Lone Star State. Railroads haven't been under the RRC's jurisdiction since 2005; the agency is now dedicated to regulating the oil and gas industry, pipeline safety, gas utilities, and coal and uranium mining. Three elected officials make up the RRC, and these commissioners choose a chairman among themselves.

Stogner's provocative video encourages Texans to "vote early" in the RRC election, and she's defended the video as a way to spark interest and facilitate discussion about the supposed lack of oversight in the Texas oil and gas industry. After the video was released, the San Antonio News-Express revoked its previous endorsement of Stogner. 

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