It's no secret that the practice of thrifting and buying things secondhand is coming back in style. From home decor to holiday decorations, it's becoming more and more common to turn what was old new again.

Even with the advent of Facebook swaps and eBay bargain-hunting, brick-and-mortar antique shops are still great places to visit when you want something "old." Need the perfect vase to spruce up the dining table? Want to continue your grandparents' vintage baseball card or china collection? What about a classic metal sign of yesteryear for the shop out back?

Hit these amazing antique shops in Abilene next time you need a blast from the past or you're looking to score a rare find.

Fun Antique Shops in Abilene

Looking to add to your collection, or just browse through days gone by? Hit up some of these great antique shops in Abilene.

Abilene's rich agricultural, military, and educational history means you never know what you'll find at antique shops in the area. Many vendors and shop owners spend plenty of time curating displays and amassing coordinating sets to display and sell, so you know you're getting a more curated shopping experience than just hitting random garage and estate sales on your own.

The best way to enjoy antiquing in Abilene may be to cover "older" areas of Abilene like South First Street, Butternut Street, and Barrow Street. You can make an afternoon (or, an entire day) out of browsing shops like Living Chic, the Elmwood Antique Centre, and Vintage Marketplace.

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Because antique shops in Abilene are small businesses with limited employees, be sure to call ahead or check them out on Facebook to confirm their hours of operation.

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