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Constitutional Carry Doesn’t Look So Good In The Texas Senate
The Texas House last week passed a Constitutional Carry bill for the first time. Now the bill heads to the Texas Senate where as of Monday, April 19th, Republicans lack the needed votes to pass the measure.
The announcement Monday by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick may surprise some, but it shouldn&a…
Americans Don’t Like Biden’s Border Disaster
It looks like many Americans are paying attention to what is happening along the border. And they aren't happy with President Biden.
A new poll is out on how Americans feel about the job President Joe Biden is doing when it comes to the border and his handling of the situation along the United S…
Now Is The Time For Texas To Pass Constitutional Carry
It's about time!
Constitutional Carry will be heard on the Texas House floor this session. Chairman of the House Calendars Committee, Dustin Burrows, scheduled Constitutional Carry for debate on Thursday. This will be the first time Constitutional Carry has received a vote on the House floor des…
Is Biden Really In Charge? Cornyn Blasted Over Tweet
Is he really in charge?
It used to be okay for politicians and those in the media to question the mental well-being of a President. It used to be okay for the media and D.C. politicians to question whether or not a President was actually in control of his own administration or if someone else, or wor…

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