In a town known for its churches and church-affiliated universities, Abilenians have no shortage of worthy charitable causes to support and nonprofit groups willing to help others. One Abilene nonprofit, Global Samaritan is offering local groups and individuals the chance to provide crisis aid in northern Afghanistan on September 11 with ‘Food & Hope’. 

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Global Samaritan’s goal is to “demonstrate God’s love by providing logistics expertise to organizations helping people who are facing hardships, crisis or disaster.” In most cases, that means helping other organizations with the logistics and shipping of surplus goods to people in need. ‘Food & Hope’ is an event where members of the community come together to sponsor and/or decorate boxes of nutritiously sound food being shipped by Global Samaritan to refugee families in northern Afghanistan facing food insecurity.

The tradition of decorating Global Samaritan boxes began years ago when volunteers gathered to organize, pack, and ship these boxes of nutritious supplies to ship worldwide. Several of the volunteers’ children colored and drew pictures on the side of cardboard boxes while the adults packed, and Global Samaritan received great feedback from the box recipients about the drawings. 

Now, the ‘Food & Hope’ event has become a community affair, where Global Samaritan accepts monetary donations of $50 to “sponsor” food boxes headed overseas. Individuals and groups can also RSVP for adults and children to help decorate food boxes at the Global Samaritan warehouse (2089 N 1st St in Abilene). You can fill out the form and complete secure payment here for donations and coloring groups. The last day to color boxes is Saturday, September 11, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. 

This is a great opportunity for community members who want to provide aid to Afghan refugees and through a great Abilene nonprofit organization. 

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