Quite often I drive around town marveling at all the changes that Abilene has gone through since I've lived here, so I decided to take a look at "Abilene: Then and Now". Come to find out, you really don't have to go that far back in time to see some dramatic changes.

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Just in the last decade, or so, Abilene has grown and changed tremendously and that growth appears to go full steam ahead thanks to those investing in downtown Abilene and the SODA District.

It's not exactly going back in time, driving a DeLorean, but it's pretty neat to see what has changed dramatically and what has only slightly changed.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what other areas of town we should feature. You can comment on this post, shoot us a message via our app, or simply email me frank.pain@townsquaremedia.com.

Keep checking back as we continue to add to this gallery of Abilene: 10 years ago as compared to today.

Abilene: 10+ Years Ago & Now

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