When traveling with kids, half the fun of a family trip lies in spending time in a hotel or motel. They're in a new environment, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, where magic awaits in every elevator door... and if they're lucky, the pool is open.

If you're coming to Abilene in less-than-stellar weather (I mean, it's West Texas - there is no stellar weather), here are five great hotels with indoor pools to enjoy year-round:

Abilene Hotels With Indoor Pools

It's every kid's dream - here are hotels in Abilene with indoor pools to enjoy year-round.

With three universities, a U.S. Air Force Base, and tons of traffic from Interstate 20, Abilene is often the middle stopping-off point for lots of travelers. When you come to town, there's no shortage of lodging options for every price point, group size, or stay length.

Many of the hotels listed above are centrally located along Ridgemont Drive, which provides easy access to places like the Mall of Abilene, along with an easy route to reach other areas in Abilene proper. Just a few short turns and a quick drive take you to all three universities in town and other area attractions, like the Abilene Zoo. You can also reach the Abilene Convention Center and the Taylor County Expo Center fairly quickly.

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Of course, the real appeal of indoor pools is being able to soak in a hot tub or climate-controlled swimming pool after a long day of travel without the worry of wind, sleet, or snow. Abilene is always on the edge of changing weather, so you (or your family!) may appreciate the extra room to kick back during your stay in Abilene.

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