In a city with a large health system, three universities, several colleges, interstate highway access, a regional airport, and a large military base, it's no surprise that Abilenians spend a lot of their time driving to and fro.

The Abilene Police Department took to Facebook on November 8 and shared the map below of locations of the 14 crashes that involved fatalities in 2021 so far.

Obviously, the point of this was to bring awareness and honors to those involved in the 14 fatalities this year and to encourage more cautious driving, riding, and walking around Abilene. That didn't stop Abilenians from weighing in with a whopping 99 comments on the original post, blaming everything from inadequate lighting to careless pedestrians to mobile phones and old-fashioned bad driving.

Keep scrolling to see what exactly Abilene thinks is the problem with its own driving.

SOUND OFF: Abilene Residents React to Large Number of Road Casualities in 2021

The Abilene Police Department took to Facebook and shared the location of the 14 road fatalities that have occurred as of November 2021. And boy howdy... did residents share their thoughts in the comments.

All joking and eye-rolling aside, the change in Daylight Savings Time, the approaching holidays, and the ever-changing Texas weather means we all need to be more alert as we hit the road in the Big Country.

Make sure your headlights, taillights, and tires stay in good working order, and don't be afraid to slow down in dim areas or areas you're unfamiliar with. Pay close attention to crosswalks near churches on worship days, and school zones on weekdays. Use handsfree options with your cellphone or wait until you reach your destination to use it. As always, motorcyclists, 18-wheel trucks, wide loads, and bicyclists all deserve extra room on the road, for their safety and yours.

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And who knows? Administering driving tests every five years for licensed drivers would be a good way to fill the Public Safety office.

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