The Big Country Home Builder's Association (HBA) "Parade of Homes" had been rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now The Parade of Homes is July 18th and 19th from 12 pm - 6 pm.

This year however, due to the pandemic everyone can get in free to the Parade of Homes. Where in years past, the Home Builders Association would sell tickets and the money raised would be donated to the various local charity organizations the HBA supports.

If you're planning to attend the parade, the HBA asks that everyone must follow the strict CDC, State and Local social distancing guidelines. Everyone must wear a face mask and are asked to, not touch the surfaces in the parade homes on display to avoid the spread of germs.

For the health and safety of our builders, volunteers and patrons, face masks will be required in order to enter any home on the Parade of Homes Tour. We also ask that you practice safe social distancing at all times while on tour. Together we can help prevent the spread of COVI D-19. Source: Big Country Home Builders Assoc.

All that stated, it's time to find your dream home, among the model homes that are on display. The homes range in price from an entry level home that is priced at just over $110,000 from Tonya Harbin to the million dollar home Kyle Paul Homes has on display at the South Fork Ranch properties.

The photos below are just a hand full of homes that are on the Parade of Homes for 2020 and made possible by the Big Country HBA, First Financial Bank and Taylor Telcom.

Homes on Display for the Parade of Homes:

  • 189 Ranch Road
  • 165 Windmill Crossing
  • 7461 Sleepy Hollow
  • 110 Contera Court
  • 349 Sweet Pea
  • 109 Vista Court
  • 219 Spring Park Way
  • 119 Claiborne
  • 256 Bella Way
  • 198 Newhouse Drive
  • 6702 Cedar Elm
  • 3325 Front Nine
  • 6834 Cedar Elm
  • 4525 Seals Drive
  • 115 Creek Bend
  • 308 Marion, Merkle
  • 1801 Delwood Drive
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