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The Shane Company has The Loupe, an online love, marriage, and relationship online magazine. Recently they released the latest findings from their 'age-range dating survey' on how we Texans feel about dating someone younger and someone older.

While most Texans don't see any problem with dating someone that is two to five years older or younger. Most Texans thought that dating someone that is 6 to 10 years older is NOT for them. The age differences differed greatly between the sexes.

Age makes a difference in dating in Texas. The big difference is between men, women, and the generations.

While most women believe dating an older man is okay, they do not believe in dating men younger than them. 7 out of 10 women said that dating younger guys would make them act more immaturely.

On the other hand, it appears that most men in the survey said that it's alright to date younger women but when it comes to older women the age range is not as great. Interestingly enough, the generations also have their limitations.

To the baby boomers, it was all about the dating ages. However, when it came to Generation X, Generation Y (aka Millennials), and Generation Z it had more to do with the income and occupation of the older or younger person they were dating.

Here are the generational differences:

  • 50% of the Gen-Y said that a person’s occupation and income play a major part in their preference to date younger or older
  • 45% of Gen-Zers would not date someone who has been divorced.
  • 72% of Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Zers said that they’d rather meet someone online than in person.
  • Only 30% of all generations would date a person 6-10 year-age difference.

If you are older and are looking to date a younger person, move to Mississippi or Oklahoma because those are the only two states in the survey where they prefer older. New Mexico was the only state that had significant numbers of those surveyed that prefer to date younger.

The most forgiving of all the generation groups were the baby boomers (of course). 89% of baby boomers don't care about divorce, income, or occupation. Want to learn more check out all the statistics and check out The Loupe online.

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