After dealing with shipping snafus and shortage nightmares in 2021, everyone's looking for creative gifts to give that don't go around the world in 80 days and that they'll like, too. Fortunately, food is a gift that keeps on giving and everyone loves tasty treats during the holiday season.

So, if you can't decide what to buy your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else with the munchies, shop local with these 11 ideas from Abilene area businesses:

11 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Abilene Foodie

Shop local this holiday season, and give a delicious gift from one of these Abilene area eateries.

If there's one thing Abilene and the Big Country do right, it's food (just check out these top Big Country restaurants you won't find in Abilene). Many of these items can be ordered online or by phone and shipped to their destination or picked up in-store, which makes the shopping season even easier.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that you're supporting local businesses and folks in your own community. Small businesses and family legacies are what make Abilene unique, and you can feel good about the impact of your purchase right here in your backyard.

For the adventurous snacker, novelties like Dill Pickle Popcorn from Texas Family Popcorn (4814 S 14th St) and the Wild Stampede Big Game Combo Box from Beef Jerky Experience (3812 Buffalo Gap Rd) are sure to be a hit.

For the merrymakers and party people in the group, go with an advent calendar courtesy of Grain Theory (202 Pine St. #201) or pick up a bottle of Christmas Sangria from Copper Creek (4401 Loop 322).

And for your favorite father-in-law, valued employee, or the charcuterie board connoisseur, you can't go wrong with Oprah's favorite Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin.

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