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One thing that is certain is that our Texas state parks are incredible. That stated, how about taking a hike at least once a month for a year and you'll still have places left over. The Texas Parks and Wildlife officials love to show off our Lone Star State's beauty.

With the incredibly hot summer, we have had in Texas, hiking may be the last thing on your mind. However, as temperatures start to cool now is the best time to put together a list of incredible places to check out and hike in Texas.

Below are 12 great videos of our Texas State parks with some really awesome hiking trails. As my dad always used to tell me "son pick your battles wisely," and that is exactly what you will have to do when picking which trails you want to hike and when.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a rookie like me you'll want to review them first and then make your 12-month hiking list. A word to the wise here, before you take off on a hike make sure you're healthy enough to take the hike.

As a boy scout, I learned a very valuable lesson and that is to always be prepared with the right kind of hiking shoes, attire, and a backpack filled with the things you will need. A little word to the wise, include a first aid kit and plenty of water.

12 Jaw-dropping Texas State Parks Hikes to conquer:

  1. Palo Duro Canyon State Park
  2. Big Bend National Park
  3. Old Baldy Trail Garner State Park
  4. Lost Maples State Natural Area
  5. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
  6. El Paso Tin Mines Trail Franklin Mountains State Park
  7. Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend
  8. Mesquite Flats, and Ottine Swamp Trails Palmetto State Park
  9. Pedernales Falls State Park
  10. Spicewood Springs at Colorado Bend
  11. Colorado Bend State Park, Texas
  12. Catfish Point Trail - Lake Corpus Christi State Park

Additionally, I prefer state parks because if I need some information, help, or get into a jam, Texas State Park officials are the best and they can be a big help should you need them. All that stated, here are my 12 hike recommendations to take, over the next year throughout this beautiful land we call the Lone Star State.

#1 Palo Duro Canyon State Park

#2 Big Bend National Park

#3 Old Baldy Trail Garner State Park

#4 Lost Maples State Natural Area

#5 Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

#6 El Paso Tin Mines Trail Franklin Mountains State Park

 #7 Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend

#8 Mesquite Flats, and Ottine Swamp Trails Palmetto State Park

#9 Pedernales Falls State Park

#10 Spicewood Springs at Colorado Bend

#11 Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

#12 Catfish Point Trail - Lake Corpus Christi State Park

Again, before you ever take any hike, make sure you are healthy, know where you're going, have all the proper hiking supplies, and take lots of pictures to share. For any and all information contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Happy hiking

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