First off, I'm diverting a bit from what I usually do in my videos. While I was working on my last "How to Make a Tent Out of a Trash Bag One-Armed Outdoorsman" I asked my wife to give me one good reason, why she dislikes camping. She gave me two good reasons.

While the first one was bugs, her second and the main reason was, she can't sleep in a tent outdoors because it's too hot. This is what brings me to this video on 'How to Make a Tent Air conditioner.'

You'll need a few things and about thirty minutes. Since my wife works in the medical field, she receives a few Styrofoam coolers via the mail. These coolers are used to ship meds, so I asked her to snag me one.

After that I went to the hardware store where I picked up some schedule-40 PVC elbows and reducers. Then I was off to the sporting goods store where I purchased a battery powered 2-speed fan. The rest can seen in the above video.

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