If it's one thing I know about Texas is that folks love their Whataburger. In fact, a have a couple of friends who call that orange and white striped building their second home. Well, it's time to rejoice. There are some exciting things happening at your neighborhood Whataburger.

Just announced this week, Whataburger not only brings back the popular Breakfast Burger but 4 new menu items for a limited time.

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Photo: Whataburger/Facebook
Photo: Whataburger/Facebook

The Breakfast Burger

Now, I'm not a huge breakfast fan, to begin with, but my goodness, that breakfast burger is all business. It's one tasty sandwich and I'm not the only one that thinks so. It's being brought back by popular demand. You can pick up one of these burgers during breakfast hours from 11 PM to 11 AM.

That's not the only big news. Whataburger is debuting 4 new menu items for a limited time.

The Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

This is my top pick. It has everybody's favorite 5 letter word, blue cheese, and their own peppercorn sauce. Top it off with cheese and grilled onions and you've got a serious burger.

The Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Club

As the name applies, this one also has Whataburger's peppercorn sauce, a chicken fillet, bacon, and Monterrey Jack on Texas toast. Yes indeed.

Banana Pudding Shake

If you're looking for a cool tasty treat, give the new Whataburger banana shake a try.

Chocolate Chunk Brownie

I like everything about those words. After that tasty burger, treat yourself to dessert.


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