I meannn...we already adore Whataburger in Texas. They become famous all over for their burgers, fries (don't joke about their fries, yo), A1 burgers, and ALL the breakfast options, etc.

(Honestly, I wish they'd do breakfast all day long. I can't tell you how many times I've wished for a potato, egg, and cheese taquito at 4 p.m. in the afternoon.)

And NOW, Whataburger is becoming famous again for something else we can't seem to get enough of--those sauces, though.

Seriously, best ketchup that exists on planet Earth, as far as I know. I was already in love with their original version along with the rest of the world, or Texas at least. I'm sure you've noticed the big bottles in the grocery store.

And THEN they came out with the spicy ketchup. OMG. Yeah, there is no other ketchup for many of us here in Texas. We like a little heck yeah-kick here in Texas. We're big on flavor. And so, making the already amazing Whataburger ketchup a little spicier was like a tiny miracle.

And because some Texans also like things a little EXTRA spicy, we are THRILLED to hear about the new 'mystery' sauce they've been teasing for so long.

It's here, y'all. Spicy ketchup WITH HOT SAUCE.

Now I couldn't put the whole new package in this post, for internal reasons. However, I highly recommend heading out of work early to swing by and try it. Out of this world good.

I wonder if they've already made plans to put this stuff in big bottles and sell it the grocery store, too. Because I have a feeling many of us are gonna wanna stock up.

Way to go WB! (Now, if we could just talk about the 24/7 breakfast thing? ;)

Some people thought they were gonna do something else entirely, as you'll see below. Maybe these are more options to look forward to?

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