Now that warmer weather is upon us and those little critters that resided outdoors are looking to move indoors, so it's time to get pro-active. I've often heard that a mouse only needs a dime sized hole to get into a home.

I reached in my pocket grabbed a dime and thought to myself, "no way, that can't be true!" Well, Mathias Wandel a YouTube woodworking master set out to prove the dime theory true in the above video.

While Mathias says this mouse in-particular is lazy. The fact remains that a mouse can squeeze through some really tight spaces. Because a dime's diameter is only 17.91 mm and the mouse got through a slightly smaller 17.5 mm hole.

So yes, a mouse can and will get in through holes the size of a dime. The shrew that appears towards the end of the video, did manage to get into the smaller 16 mm hole.


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