In 2017 there was one road in the entire Big Country that seemed to be the most dangerous and deadly road in Abilene by the sheer number of crashes that occurred at that road. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in Abilene, South Danville Drive in 2017 had 31 crashes, 3 fatalities, and five crashes with injuries, in just one year.

The majority of crashes are caused by driver behaviors. To stay alive and healthy TxDOT says buckle up. So, here are the roads within the TxDOT's Abilene district where crashes occurred.

I've listed them in accordance with the number of crashes. Surprisingly enough, some roads had fewer crashes but more fatalities. Some roads had more fatalities but far less crashes. This is good information to know when traveling through the Big Country.

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The district is defined by TxDOT as Taylor, Jones, Callahan, Scurry, Fisher, Nolan, Kent, Borden, Haskell, Mitchell, Shackelford, Stonewall, and Howard counties. According to Justia, these are some car-related crash facts as to the main causes of these dangerous and sometimes fatal car crashes. Those causes/driver behaviors include:

  1. Speeding
  2. Intoxication
  3. Distracted Driving
  4. Auto Defects
  5. Bad Weather

To avoid being involved in a crash take into account the top five causes and avoid them at all times while driving. While the car crash numbers seem to be dropping throughout the Lone Star State and locally, they haven't dropped by much. Statistically, you are far more likely to be involved in a car crash while driving on a heavily traveled road.

Furthermore, Texas has been ranked as number one in the United States 'Top 10 States With the Most Fatal Car Accidents' (according to I Drive Safe) and I'll add, "that's not a title to be proud of." TxDOT officials have shared with me time and time again, that the best way to avoid being in a crash is to "slow down and obey the laws."

According to my TxDOT friends speed seems to be the number one cause of a lot of crashes. My advice is, during those peak driving times follow the speed limit signs, be courteous and drive defensively.  I'm always slowing down to let someone on or off the highway or interstate.

I honestly believe that if you drive courteously it is returned tenfold. Be safe and let's lose that title of "#1 State with the Most Fatal Car Accidents" and earn the one for being the best drivers in America. Stay safe.

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