One thing we can all agree upon is that this summer seems to be hotter than most summers in the past. Another thing we can agree upon is that power outages are not a good thing this time of year, all thanks to the scorching heat.

However, a planned power outage is just what is happening for a portion of Taylor County this Thursday night and Friday morning.

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According to a Facebook post, by Taylor Electric Coop, one of their substations will be down for a few hours for repairs.

Members served by our Ely Substation will experience a planned outage on Thursday, June 23rd beginning at 11:45 p.m. until the following morning around 3 a.m. Friday, June 24th as we make necessary repairs to the substation. [Taylor Electric Cooperative,Inc]

This is the map of the affected area, provided by Taylor Electric Coop.

Taylor Electric Coop/Facebook
Taylor Electric Coop/Facebook

For those in the affected area, please make sure you plan accordingly. The upside is that they plan on this outage to take place during the night and overnight hours, so it should be not quite as hot as we experience during the day.


If you have questions about this planned power outage, by Taylor Electric, please direct all calls to 325-793-8500 or you can email them at

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