The story of the death of Jemel Roberson, a Chicago security guard who was gunned down by police while trying to detain suspect in a shooting last week, has garnered national attention. Kanye West has stepped up to help out in the aftermath of the tragic situation and has reportedly donated a substantial amount of money to the family of the Windy City native who longed to be a police officer one day.

Roberson's family started a GoFundMe with an initial goal of $10,000. The goal has since been moved to $150,000. Yeezy has come forward with a donation of $150,000, reports TMZ. At this point, donations have reached upwards of $305,000.

The sad situation of Roberson's death happened on Sunday (Nov. 11). He was working as an armed security guard at Manny's Blue Room Bar in Chicago when he was forced to remove some drunken and unruly patrons. At least one person returned with a gun and started opening fire. Witnesses say Roberson returned fire and subdued one of the suspects, holding him at gun point until police arrived. When authorities arrived on the scene, they shot and killed Roberson, despite reportedly being told by witnesses that he was the good guy.

Kanye appears to be opening his wallet in any way he can to his home town, after announcing he would move back to Chicago for good in September. In October, he donated $73,500 to Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyina following a cosign from Chance The Rapper.

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