I got this idea of looking for locations to do selfies in Abilene. It came to me when my son and his fiance announced they were getting married and they asked me where are some good places to have pictures made. I remembered I had written an article about some awesome places in Abilene were to do selfies at.

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Of course, my first thought was the buffalo with the saddle at the corner of Grape Street and N. 1st St. But he really wasn't asking me where to take selfies in Abilene, he was just wanting ideas in general of some good places an engaged couple could have their photos made at.

Then I was reminded about the article that I wrote some time ago of great places where you can have a selfie made that screams "I'm in Abilene." Granted Abilene has its beautiful traditional landmarks.

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However, I have managed to come up with a list of awesome and unique places and a couple of photos that listeners have shared of their selfies that tend to say "I'm in Abilene." Now, if you have some ideas or photos you'd like to share please do.  We love letting everyone know where we are because Abilene is the greatest city on the planet if you ask me!

Here's My List of Great Places In Abilene To Take a Selfie

  • Abilene's Mount Calvary at South 8th & Peach
  • ACU's Jacob's Dream Statue
  • The Cows by Winters Freeway at South 14th
  • The Abilene-Buffalo Statue on Winters Freeway
  • Buffalo at North 1st & Grape St.
  • The Abilene Zoo
  • The Depot
  • The Fountain by Vletas
  • The Grace Museum
  • The Buffalo at Frontier Texas
  • The Enterprise Tower

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