There will be some pretty important things that you will soon see on the ballot as there are eight constitutional amendments that are on the ballot for Texans coming up. Voting day is November 2nd, and voters will have the chance to make changes if they think it is in the best interest of the state of Texas. According to KXAN, these eight amendments have already been passed by two-thirds of the Texas House and Senate, which means its time for voters to weigh in on what they want to pass.

While sometimes it feels like there are topics that don't matter or won't make a big impact on your life these are all important topics that will shape the state of Texas moving forward. So, please make sure you take the time to vote on November 2nd.

What Constitutional Amendments Will Be Voted on November 2nd in the State of Texas

As you would expect there is a wide variety of amendments that have been brought up for voters to decide. We have a more detailed outline below but it's everything from whether professional rodeo charitable foundations are allowed to conduct charitable raffles at rodeo events to allowing a property tax exemption to a surviving spouse of an armed service member who was killed or injured in the line of duty. So, please, take the time to read through the amendments and make sure to cast your ballot.

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More Information on all Eight Constitutional Amendments to be Voted on in Texas

There really is a lot of information to discuss regarding these eight amendments, but here is more information so you can make an informed decision.

8 Texas Constitutional Amendments That Will Be Voted on Soon

These are the 8 constitutional amendments that will be voted on soon in the state of Texas.

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