I have a couple of places here in Abilene that I love to go eat at, but before I go to those places, I have to remember that they are cash-only businesses. So, I have to make the mad dash to my bank's teller 24 to withdraw some real green cash money.

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Long before credit and or debit cards were popular, these two Abilene classic restaurants were operating on a cash-only basis. Much like the businesses they run today, some things never change. This may be an indicator as to why these two restaurants have been so successful for over 60 years.

Photo By: Google Maps
Photo By: Google Maps

The two restaurants I'm talking about are Larry's Better Burger and the Dixie Pig. Both operate on a cash-only basis. While they do not accept credit or debit cards as you'll see in the photos below, they also do not accept checks either.

One Abilene Restaurant Used Our Coin Phrase

I seem to recall seeing a sign at one of these restaurants many years ago posted above the cash register and signed by the owner that read, "We do not accept checks. In God we trust all others pay cash."

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Today, the windows and doors of both restaurants have signs that clearly read, that credit and debit cards are not accepted. Recently within the past 18 months, the Dixie Pig had one of the local banks install an "ATM" (Automated Teller Machine) inside the restaurant and has been very popular and successful thus bringing in more customers, and extending the wait time.

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For the record, I never carry any cash on me. As a matter of fact, if I need cash, I visit my bank's automated teller machines at the bank's drive-through or beg my wife for some cash. Even when I went on the "Rudy Cruise" I only took a couple of hundred dollars cash with me the rest I did on a debit card.

I'll see you at the Dixie Pig or at Larry's Better Burger and don't forget two important things. First, come hungry, and second bring a wad of cash because you're going to need it!

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