The McDonald's fanatic in me is super excited about this! If you love your 10-piece nugget meal with fries, sweet n sour sauce, and a diet DP like I do, then you should also be excited about what McDonald's is calling the Szn of Sharing. Beginning on December the 5th (which was Monday) and continuing through Christmas Day, the 25th, you can enter the sweepstakes to win free food for life from McDonald's!


Ok so here is what you do to enter the sweepstakes:

*place an order through the McDonald's app

*each purchase you make from now through the 25th is one entry and you can only enter once per day

*there will also be some great McDonald's food discounts throughout the month of December through the app so look out for .50 double cheeseburgers and BOGO Big Mac deals among other great deals!

Ordering through the McDonald's app helps get you one step closer to possibly winning the legendary McGold card, which will get you free McDonald's for life! And what could be better than scoring a card for yourself? Sharing the wealth of course!  Not only will you get a McGold card but so will three of your besties too. Tis the season of sharing!

Photo by Thabang on Unsplash
Photo by Thabang on Unsplash

McDonald's states that the free food for life will get you 2 meals per week for the next 50 years. I'll take it, now pass the McFlurry! Check out the complete details and rules for the McGold card here.

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