Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren has agreed to a settlement that ends her lawsuit against Glenn Beck and his online platform, The Blaze.

In April, Tomi Lahren, host of her own talk show on Glenn Beck’s conservative network, filed a lawsuit in Dallas, Texas, where the show is based.

Lahren and her attorney alleged wrongful termination from The Blaze. She was fired after an appearance on ABC's "The View" where she expressed pro-choice sentiments.

In a statement issued Monday, April 1st, Lahren's attorney, Brian Lahren, said his client had been released from her employment contract that denied her access to a Facebook page The Blaze had set up for her.

The settlement allegedly entitles Lahren to her Facebook page and its millions of followers. In return, Lahren has agreed to remove videos she made for The Blaze and return them to the network.

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