Meet "Maximus" the most beautiful, lovable "Pet of the Week." After this weekend if Maximus is not adopted he'll at least have to be "fostered" out to a temporary home, (for the time being) this massive, lovable, chocolate Lab, Retriever, Pointer mix really needs a forever home, please help!

Photo by: Staci Schults
Photo by: Staci Schults

I played with Maximus and he was very gentle and the tail was-a-waggin' the entire time. He is excellent on a leash and understands the basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, shake, and several other commands. Maximus will even alert you when it's time to eat.

I'm just curious though, who lets a dog of this caliber and quality go? He's very alert for a lay-back senior citizen dog, why he even noticed when there were people in the hallway next to our studio. Maximas wanted to go see who else was coming to the 'Pet of the Week' party.

If you are lucky enough to adopt Maximus the lovable Wakin' Up Country "Pet of the Week," Staci Schults the Abilene Animal Shelter's Adoption Coordinator says he comes with the following: flea and tick dipped, microchipped, heart wormed, food samples, and a voucher to get him fixed.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering Maximus, please contact Staci at our Abilene Animal Shelter 925 South 25th Street or by calling 325-698-0085. If you have a pet and you need help getting one fixed please reach out to our Abilene Animal Services Shelter.

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