Sunday's latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 installment "The Grove" proved especially difficult to bear, but things may only get worse in the final two episodes of the season. The first sneak peek of penultimate season 4 episode "Us" has arrived, returning the focus to Glenn, Abraham and his cohorts on the road to Terminus, but what does the mustachioed muscleman have to say about Tara's continued involvement with the group?

While it looks as if we'll be jumping from Glenn's group to Daryl and his new friends and even Rick, the first sneak peek of next week's "Us" sees Abraham and Tara sharing a moment together as the others sleep. Abraham insists that he, Rosita and Eugene will only travel as far as to find another vehicle toward their journey to Washington, before Abraham lets slip his observations of Tara, specifically her attitude toward both Glenn and Rosita.

Meanwhile, here's what the ever-cryptic AMC had to say of next Sunday's penultimate season 4 installment "Us":

Survivors rely on brutality and faith.

Only two episodes remain this season, so what do you think? Will one or all of the groups make it to the mysterious "Terminus" by the end? Given the two major deaths tonight, who do you think will be the next to fall? Check out the preview of next week's "Us" above, and tell us in the comments what you'd like to see from the final 'Walking Dead' episodes of season 4!

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