It's every parent's worst nightmare: your child being kidnapped. What do you do in the situation? Well, one mom's quick thinking quite possibly saved her child's life.

It's one of those thoughts lurking in the back of every mom and dad's mind, "what if my child is kidnapped?" And while dwelling on it won't likely do you any good, running through a few scenarios in your mind could certainly help at the moment you need it most.

This Texas mom's fast thinking is why her son is back with her today.

According to reports, police investigators believe the mother opened the door thinking it was a friend on the other side, however as soon as she did three women over powered her and grabbed her child. Fortunately there was a camera trained on the parking lot and the entire ordeal was captured in vivid detail.

But ol' mom took one step that truly turned this into an open and shut case for police officers, and ensured her son was back with her that same night.

“Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and observed that it was occupied by a woman driver, an 11-year-old juvenile, and the kidnapped infant. The infant was unharmed and safely returned to his mother.”

After the kidnappers ran back to their SUV, the mom, instead of banging on the windows or standing in front of the vehicle -- where she would have likely been injured -- just reached down and grabbed the paper license plate from it's holder.

Thanks to the license plate number, officers were able to identify the SUV and immediately began searching the area. In no time at all another police officer spotted the SUV.

As a result of one mom's situational awareness all three of the kidnappers have been arrested. Lashonda Price, 34, Romeisha Brown, and Kemberly Suzanne Williamson charges of Kidnapping. No bond has been set.

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