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First off, I am not surprised to learn that Texas was in the top 5 in firearm purchases last year. However, I am surprised to discover that in 2020 and 2021, women purchased over half of all firearms sold in the U.S. Wallstreet Journal says "and the surge is continuing."

The Guardian News is reporting that one in every five gun purchases were made by first-time gun buyers. Furthermore, researchers at Harvard and Northeastern University credit the upsurge on the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of hate crimes, the anxiety about ones' personal safety, and the national unrest that has sprung up around the U.S.

Michael Wilson the owner of Double Diamond Gun Range in Anson Texas confirmed that "yes, more guns were sold in the past 24 months and the majority of buyers have been women.' Wilson added, "I'm not in the least bit surprised, and here's why America has the biggest and best-armed army in the world."

Gun Store Owner Says Women Prefer 9mm And Men Want .45 ACP

The owner of the Abilene Indoor Gun Range James Hill said that "of all the firearms sold in the last two years the majority were women and the caliber of choice is 9mm for the ladies and men preferred the .45-Cal."

When asked about "first-time gun buyers" both owners agreed and Wilson said "in all my handgun license classes women outnumber men and every first-time buyer signs up for all the classes we offer.

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Here's A List Of The States Gun Purchases Made Last Year

Alabama (946,271)
Alaska (91,207)
Arizona (563,763)
Arkansas (288,706)
California (1,476,073)
Colorado (628,811)
Connecticut (277,250)
Delaware (69,068)
District of Columbia (12,910)
#5 - Florida (1,711,685)
Georgia (806,912)
Guam (4,518)
Hawaii (17,707)
Idaho (273,762)
#1 - Illinois (8,474,505)
#4 - Indiana (1,815,531)
Iowa (266,678)
Kansas (230,168)
#2 - Kentucky (3,848,061)
Louisiana (401,345)
Maine (129,193)
Mariana Islands (364)
Maryland (267,753)
Massachusetts (259,248)
Michigan (970,990)
Minnesota (945,299)
Mississippi (323,319)
Missouri (634,191)
Montana (160,640)
Nebraska (90,676)
Nevada (186,578)
New Hampshire (151,853)
New Jersey (223,437)
New Mexico (194,989)
New York (464,575)
North Carolina (781,733)
North Dakota (80,546)
Ohio (851,887)
Oklahoma (416,514)
Oregon (454,133)
Pennsylvania (1,408,165)
Puerto Rico (74,381)
Rhode Island (37,936)
South Carolina (485,487)
South Dakota (106,881)
Tennessee (964,512)
#3 - Texas (1,980,753)
Utah (1,181,564)
Vermont (51,549)
Virgin Islands (2,145)
Virginia (655,339)
Washington (736,846)
West Virginia (224,240)
Wisconsin (785,856)
Wyoming (84,624)

Just over 39 million guns were purchased last year in America. It puts gun ownership in America at 46% of the global total of guns owned by civilians. By the end of last year, the total number reached was over 411.6 million.

The FBI's NICS Firearms Check not only tracks gun sales. It keeps records by state and the number of guns owned by civilians in the U.S.Firearms sold before 1998 are not included in the FBI total count.

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