**Update 1/7/2022 at 5:00 pm**

The Amber Alert that had been previously issued for Lina Sadar Khil has been discontinued.


We all found out about the very sad story regarding 3-year-old Lina Sadar Khil going missing on December 20th. If you missed the details she was just playing outside on the playground toys in her apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas. She was playing and her mom was watching her, her mom stepped away for a few minutes and Lina was gone. We all assumed the young girl would be found quickly but it has now been over two weeks that Lina is missing and now even the FBI Dive Team is searching everywhere possible to find this little girl.

It sounds like a parents worst nightmare to have a child just vanish like this. There have been lots of people who have been harsh to Lina's mom online questioning why in the world you would ever leave a 3-year-old alone on playground toys where she couldn't keep an eye on her daughter. But at this point everyone including the FBI is just trying to locate Lina and bring her home safely.

Why Did the FBI Dive Team Join the Search This Week?

According to ABC 13, the 12-member FBI Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team flew in earlier this week to search any and all bodies of water near the apartment complex when Lina went missing. This is following up on a lead that law enforcement received but at this point there has been no sighting of Lina.

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At This Point Finding It's Just About Finding Lina

Lina was last seen wearing a red dress, black jacket, and black shoes and wearing her brown hair in a ponytail. We all need to keep an eye out for this little girl. Nothing would be better than to find Lina and hold whoever is responsible accountable for their actions. But first things first, let's find this little girl.

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