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It’s been six years since the Texas Legislature passed a bill allowing adults to carry concealed handguns on college campuses if they have a License to Carry. The Democrats and crazy leftist professors warned of blood in the streets and shootouts over relationships, grades, and more. Of course, the doom and gloom and craziness predicted by the anti-gun folks never came about which you would think would serve as an example that License to Carry adults are generally safe individuals.
Texas State Senator Bob Hall has a new gun bill that he sees as an extension of the campus carry law. Hall’s new bill would allow parents, teachers, and other adults with a License to Carry, to carry a concealed firearm inside K-12 schools and classrooms. At least two teachers groups are sounding the alarm over the bill.
“Schools are no places for guns,” said Clay Robison, a spokesperson for the Texas State Teachers Association. “The only person at a school that should have a gun is a trained, professional police officer. … Very few school employees really believe they can … be any match for a suicidal, heavily-armed assailant who poses a surprise attack on a school building.”
Here we go with the hysteria. Parents, staff, and teachers should be allowed to carry if they want to. If they are trusted members of society at a grocery store, they are trusted in a school building as well. I’m not sure how far Hall’s bill will get in this session, but count me in as a supporter.

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