Grandma doesn't play around. You put that thing away or you're gonna face the consequences.

68-year-old Grandma Jean of Houston had quite the interesting Tuesday afternoon. A stranger came up to her house riding on a bike. According to Grandma Jean, the man allegedly took off his pants exposing himself and began touching himself. Grandma Jean says he was in the yard doing this and started coming closer to her.

Grandma Jean warned him if he got any closer she would shoot him. The man either didn't think she was serious or didn't care, because he kept moving closer to Grandma Jean's door, at this point she had already retreated inside of the house. She gave one last warning and then fired a shot through the door striking him in the chest.

Police say the man had to have surgery, but he is expected to be OK. "I don't get in nobody's business. It's just me and him, and like I keep saying, I warned him," Grandma Jean said. Investigators say the 38-year-old man was arrested last week for a separate incident that him running down the street naked.

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