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As the border crisis continues along the southern border and the Biden administration refuses to continue building the border wall, the State of Texas is stepping in. Texas Governor Greg Abbott will hold a press conference on Saturday to discuss the border wall and the steps that will be taken next.

According to a tweet earlier on Friday, construction of the first segment of the wall which will be 1.7 miles in length began this morning.

Earlier in December, Governor Greg Abbott told The Chad Hasty Show that it took six months to get the process moving to get the wall started.

"I signed the paperwork to kickoff the building of the border wall in June. Later on this month the border wall will begin going up," Abbott said. "In just a six-month time period, we've been able to do all that was necessary to begin the process to build the border wall. You will see segments of it going up before the end of this month."

The first segment of the Texas Border Wall will go up in Starr County and it will be a real, steel wall, just like the Trump administration was building. In fact, some of the steel being used by the contractors was leftover by the Trump administration and abandoned by the Biden administration.

Texas has also sent National Guard and Department of Public Safety Officers to the border to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants into Texas. Texas has also put strategic fencing along the border in areas where many cross.

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