Illegal Immigration

Abbott Says Texas Will Build A Border Wall
Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Thursday that the State of Texas will be increasing border security along the Texas-Mexico border, and for the first time, Abbott said that includes building a wall.
In an interview with Bob Price of Breitbart Texas, Abbott said that the state will "immedi…
Paxton Claims Victory Over Biden Administration
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is claiming a big victory for not only Texas, but for the entire nation when it comes to a recent decision on deportation. Paxton's office has been busy during the first months of the Biden administration, launching several lawsuits against the administration i…
Americans Don’t Like Biden’s Border Disaster
It looks like many Americans are paying attention to what is happening along the border. And they aren't happy with President Biden.
A new poll is out on how Americans feel about the job President Joe Biden is doing when it comes to the border and his handling of the situation along the United S…

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