The Taylor County Veterans Service Office is hosting the 2020 Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 7th this year. In previous years the parade has been held on November 11th at 11am. However, do to the pandemic some adjustments had to be made.

First off, parade participant entries are no longer being accepted for the 2020 Taylor County Veterans Day Parade. Bryan Massey the Taylor County Veterans Service Officer says "our veterans really need to be recognized as the pandemic has had many Veterans limited to any social activities due to the governments coronavirus restrictions."

As to the date being moved from November 11th to November 7th, Massey says that was a CDC decision. Furthermore, at this years parade even though the parade is an outdoor activity, social distancing and mask wearing will be a mandatory requirement.

This annual parade salutes all the men and women who are serving and or have served our nation in the armed services like the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Marines and Navy. Schools, Scouts, marching bands, floats, cars, clubs, equestrians and all others have been invited to participate in the Veterans Day Parade. For additional information or parade route check out the Taylor County Texas Veterans Services website at or contact Victor Bruns at 325-674-1328.

Those that have signed up to be a participant in the parade must be line up in the staging areas of the Taylor County Courthouses along Oak Street and be checked in by no later than 10:30am Saturday.

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