Looks like Anne Hathaway's loss is Nicole Kidman's gown -- er, gain.

At the 2013 Oscars, Hathaway abandoned her plans to wear Valentino on the red carpet at the 11th hour (details on that in a moment), instead selecting an underwhelming, powder pink Prada column gown.

Since then, fashion watchers have often wondered whatever happened to the original Hathaway dress. Where do unworn designer castoffs go to die?

Apparently, they get new life on the body of another A-lister -- at least according to PEOPLE, which says the ivory lace gown turned up on Kidman at the Cannes premiere of 'Nebraska.' And the dress is stunning.

Let's revisit the backstory.

Hathaway's decision to 86 the Valentino frock in favor of Prada was a big deal in fashion circles -- Pradagate, if you will.

Even though the house had sent out a press release bragging that it'd be dressing the sure bet Best Supporting Actress winner, she opted for something else at the last minute -- and ruffled a lot of feathers in the process -- to avoid a red carpet Hindenberg after learning her 'Les Miserables' co-star Amanda Seyfried would be wearing a similar frock.

Now that we've seen the gown, though, we'd have taken our chances and risked comparisons to Seyfried -- because the Valentino dress trumps the Prada one A.Hath wore in every possible way.

Here's the dress in its full-on ivory glory. Look at that detailing.

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

The back is equally as intricate and gorgeous.

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

In case you forgot Hathaway's, well, forgettable gown, here's a reminder. Not only was it bland, the seaming gave the illusion of permanent headlights

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

The side-by-side proves there is no contest.

Stuart C. WIlson / Michael Buckner, Getty Images

For comparison, this is what Seyfried wore -- a somewhat similarly styled Alexander McQueen.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images