Just when you thought you were obeying the law, a friend or (heaven forbid) a police officer informs you that, "you're breaking the law". The fact is, there are a lot of laws that we Texans either don't know about or we just get it wrong altogether.

Case in point, you can drive all over the Lone Star State without a windshield, and not be breaking the law. However, you must have windshield wipers on that vehicle. If you don't have windshield wipers you are breaking the law.

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You Don't Have A Windshield So Where's The Inspection Sticker?

The law also states that every vehicle MUST have an inspection sticker. I just about this from our Sheriff, Ricky Bishop. Sheriff Bishop says "even though you have your windshield wipers with no windshield, you must have an inspection sticker that must be prominently displayed on...wait for it...wait for it, your windshield!

When I think this one law is the craziest one I've heard of, I find out from several other law enforcement agencies that there are a whole bunch more.

Plus, keep in mind that those enforcing the laws don't write them. It's the people we elect that write these crazy laws.

Okay, on to these next crazy laws in Texas. Some may have something to do with driving, while others will have you wondering "who wrote that law and why?" They can all be found in the Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual - Blue360 Media.

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