TikTok has everything you need, from property destruction challenge videos for the kids, to this now viral video of Greg Abbott that'll probably be more interesting for the adults.

Lena Blietz, a sports journalist here in Texas according to her TikTok, has gone viral after posting a video of herself confronting Governor Greg Abbott about Texas' power grid, which tragically failed last year. The TikTok currently with nearly 2 million views shows Blietz and Abbott shaking on it.

Shaking on what you ask?

In the sideline exchange Blietz relays to Abbott that she was stuck in Brownsville last winter due to the power grid failing, and she's looking for assurance that it won't happen again, and the governor eagerly offers her assurance that it won't:

Blietz: "Hey Greg, I was stuck in Brownsville last year cause of the power grid. Can you tell me that wont happen again?"
Abbott: "I can tell you it wont happen again.
Blietz: "Promise?"
Abbott: "Yeah"
Blietz: "Can we shake on it."
Abbott: (while shaking her hand) "As we speak right now they have added 15% more power generation capacity."
Blietz: "Promise"
Abbott: "I know so. Count on it."


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Let's hope that we can count on it.

In addition to the tragic loss of lives, The Texas Department of State Health Services linked 210 deaths to the storm across the state, CBS News reported that "The Perryman Group, a Texas-based economic research firm, projected that Winter Storm Uri could end up costing a total of $195 billion on the low end and as much as $295 billion. Those figures include lost income as well as long-term reduction in economic output stemming from factories and businesses that closed during the storm."

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