The race for Texas Agricultural Commissioner in the Republican Primary is heating up between incumbent Sid Miller and his opponent, State Rep. James White.

White joined The Chad Hasty Show on Friday, January 7th to discuss his campaign and why he believes it's time for Miller to go.

White discussed the fact that many in the Texas Legislature seem to want change in the office that White is running for. Last week, Texas State Senators Charles Perry and Drew Springer officially endorsed White's campaign for Agricultural Commissioner.

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White told Hasty that he was proud and grateful for their support and also said it's a sign that lawmakers in Texas see that Texas is facing threats on the border, in energy, and that Texas is facing threats when it comes to agriculture from those who want to undermine our prosperity.

White then addressed a growing issuing in the campaign: ethics. The Dallas Morning News reported on the ethics issues surrounding Miller last week:

White is campaigning as an ethics-focused foil to Miller, taking digs at the incumbent’s past controversies – among them using taxpayer money for two trips that involved getting a “Jesus Shot” injection in Oklahoma and competing in a Mississippi rodeo show. Miller ultimately avoided criminal charges after an investigation into the travel.

More recently, a political consultant for Miller was arrested in an alleged scheme to sell access to hemp licenses, which are issued by Miller’s department.

In an interview with Scott Braddock, who was filling in for Mark Davis on KSKY in Dallas, White called out Commissioner Miller for not doing more to address the issue of one of his own campaign consultants allegedly selling access to hemp licenses. On Thursday, Miller denied that his campaign consultant was ever arrested or had a court date. On Friday, White said that Miller was not telling the truth and called Miller to "cease his campaign" and focus on giving money back to farmers and those who were "swindled" by Miller's political consultant.

Commissioner Miller has been invited to appear on The Chad Hasty Show, but as of this time, we have not received a response.

Listen to the entire interview with Rep. James White above.

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