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Beto O'Rourke lost to Ted Cruz. He lost a race for President. And now he has lost his race against Texas Governor Greg Abbott. And it wasn't even close. In fact, FOX News called the race fairly early on Tuesday night.

So while Greg Abbott wins another term as Governor, what now for the man who has done nothing but campaign for office since 2017. What future does Beto O'Rourke have in Texas?

In my opinion? Not much. O'Rourke could probably move to Austin and run for City Council and win though that isn't even a given at this point. The once rising star of the Democrat party in Texas has fallen. And he did it to himself. O'Rourke is the one who appeared on my radio show when running against Cruz and told gun owners he wouldn't take away their guns. Then while running for President, he wants to take guns away. Then when running for Governor his answer varied depending on the crowd he was talking to.

He did the same thing on energy policy, immigration, and other key issues.

O'Rourke is done in Texas. In fact, he was probably done after 2018. The only questions is, does he understand that? And do Democrats in Texas understand that Texans don't want far left liberals running things? I bet they don't.

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