One thing I love about living in the Big Country is the versatility of the people and industries here. Living in West Texas one can be a farmer, rancher, nurse, doctor, banker, or working in an industry that creates steel for metal buildings, manufactures boats, tires, boilers, wind towers, solar panels, cheese, hot sauce, and more.

West Texas has a lot of manufacturing plants that need good people and hard workers. Here in this part of Texas, manufacturing contributes over 2.1 trillion dollars to our annual economy.

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The majority of manufacturing firms in the United States are small companies that are attached to much larger companies. A little-known fact is that many manufacturing employees earn an average of $95,990 a year in pay and benefits.

In July of this year alone, over half a million jobs in manufacturing were created in the United States. What's even more incredible is that by this time next year, over four million manufacturing workers will likely be needed. Manufacturing as an industry will be the eighth largest economy not just in the US but in the world.

Here's the best news ever! Right here in West Texas, we are fortunate to have the Big Country Manufacturing Alliance (BCMA). This alliance of manufacturers works together to strengthen the manufacturing industry and those who work in it. But it gets better. The BCMA is hosting several community open houses at many of our manufacturing plants throughout West Texas.

 Check out the different BCMA open houses during the month of October (click on links for more info):