Two of the best things we can do in life are raise our kids and then go back through old photos and videos, reliving their innocent youth. I've often wondered what the big stars' kids do when collaborating with family or just hanging out at work with mom or dad.

A few years ago I had the honor of meeting the kids and father of Outlaws & Legends Music Festival founder and Texas Red Dirt artist Mark Powell. Powell's father and two children were making the rounds at all the media outlets in town. Interviewing the stars is fun, but I am convinced that interviewing their family is even more fun.

Many artists will ask in advance that I don't reference their children or family, but some artists don't mind. When I asked Powell if I could ask his kids a question, he said, "Heck yeah! They are quite the little talkers. Be careful, you don't know what they may tell you."

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Before I knew it, the kids were on the mic and ready to sing one of their daddy's songs,  as you'll see in the video below. Earlier this week Powell was back in my studio and I asked how the kids were doing. He offered to share a video of his tiny little princess in the recording studio doing her own thing.

With Outlaws & Legends just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to see how the kids are doing today and what they're up to. I asked and Mark shared a video of his daughter in the recording studio, recording her first song. So I thought I would share the video with you too. I hope you enjoy hearing little Miss Ella (who ain't so little anymore).

Mark says there's a good possibility the kids will be on stage with him this year at the festival on the Back Porch of Texas. So get your tickets for March 29-30 and see what transpires this year.

The video below features Mark Powell's daughter Ella Powell performing with Stormy Cooper, who plays for Roger Creager, Linden with Wilder Blue, Travis with Neal McCoy, and John Carroll with Corey Morrow. When Ella hit the studio, she didn't mess around.

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