Since I've been on the radio from 3 till 7 PM, I find myself returning to some old habits. One is NOT getting chores done during the day. The other is when I get done at the radio station it's well after 7 PM and I was hungry.

So it hit me, "How many restaurants do we have in and around West Texas open late? Say after 10 pm, and what are my choices?" I wanted some breakfast and I didn't want to go to the obvious "breakfast-only" restaurants. After eliminating the McDonald's and What-A-Burger types, here's what I learned.

Indulge in Late-Night Delights at These Top West Texas Eateries
Photo by: Rudy Fearless Fernandez

We have a great variety of restaurants to choose from and I discovered that if a restaurant has a "bar area" attached to them they tend to stay open later.

So here's my list of Abilene Area restaurants that are open late (after 10 PM). I did notice right away that we have a lot of fast-food restaurants, that are open "drive-thru only after hours." I also discovered that several of the restaurants that I used to frequent quite often don't stay open past 10 PM.

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Abilene Area Restaurants That Are Open After 10 PM

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