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From the very first day I moved to Abilene in the early 70s I knew then what I know now. That is that Abilene, Texas, aka The Key City situated in the center of Texas, is the honey hole sweet spot in the entire Lone Star State.

Long before I moved here, Abilene had already attracted the attention and love of many authors, artists, and songwriters. One of those talented musicians was George Hamilton-IV who wrote and sang a song about Abilene, Texas, and yes George was singing about Abilene, Texas because, on that very album, the next song was titled West Texas Highway. That settled the video is included below, enjoy.

While I was looking for Hamilton's video I ran across this video about the "Top 10 Things To DO In Abilene" it was put together by the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB). I began wondering, does the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau have the same opinions as I and other Abilenians have about our Key City?

First, does the Abilene CVB talk about the same comforts we Abilenians enjoy and/or take for granted from time to time? Like the fact that Abilene is a faith-built city. With over 170 different churches and over 30 different religions, breathtaking sunsets, delicious steaks, and barbecue, the awesome neighbors. Abilene is in my opinion Heaven on earth.

However, I will admit the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau did an excellent job sharing the many different things there are to do in Abilene, as a matter of fact, the ACVB listed 21 different things to do on their website (in and around Abilene), and the different places to go to in Abilene.

I confess right here and now, some of these venues I have yet to go experience myself, what was I just saying earlier about "taking things for granted?"

Finally, the last video is from the City of Abilene and explains how the City of Abilene operates. So, "get ready to eat, stay, play, and fully enjoy living in our great city." Nonetheless, there is always something fun and exciting to do in Abilene.

Here's the ACVB list:

  • 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum - 1289 North 2nd Street
  • The 1910 Swenson House - 1726 Swenson Street
  • 23 Junk Street - 4802 South 14th Street
  • 24 Ooutfitters LLC - 2109 US-83 Winters, Texas
  • Abilene Axe Company - 822 South 2nd Street
  • Abilene Bowling Lanes - 279 Ruidosa Drive
  • Abilene Clay Sports - 1102 E. Spur 707
  • Abilene Community Theatre - 809 Barrow Street
  • Abilene Country Club: Main Course - 4309 S. Treadaway
  • Abilene Country Club: South Course - 34 Fairway Oaks Blvd.
  • Abilene KOA Kampground - 4851 West Stamford Street, I-20 at Exit 282
  • Abilene Philharmonic - 401 Cypress Street, Suite 520
  • Abilene RV Park - 6195 East I-20 at Exit 292B
  • Abilene Skate Park - in Rose Park, South 7th Street, and Mockingbird
  • Abilene Speedway - 6825 West Highway 80
  • Abilene State Park - 150 Park Road 32 Tuscola, Texas
  • Abilene ZOO - 2070 Zoo Lane
  • Adventure Cove Water Park - 2742 South 9th Street
  • Amendment 21 - 382 Chestnut Street
  • Amy Graves Ryan Little Theatre - 1642 Sayles Blvd
  • Arthur Sears Park - 2250 Ambler Avenue
    The list actually goes on longer, listing many local event venues and fun businesses to go visit. Click to see more.

Let's all go out and support our awesome Key City, Abilene. And yes, there is always something fun to see or do in Abilene.

Photo by: YouTube / ACVB
Photo by: YouTube / ACVB

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