With the few storms we've had recently and those snow apocalypses that hit Texas in the last few years, a lot of trees have lost branches or died. My neighbors, friends and I have been asking "Do you want firewood"? Is there a place where we can take these fallen trees and downed limbs?

The answer to that is, yes! if you live inside the city limits of Abilene. About two years ago the City of Abilene divided its Recycle Center from its Brush and Limb Center; they are now at two different locations. The Brush and Limb Center is on the northeast side of Abilene by the loop, next to the city's Impound Center.

Anyone with a residential address inside the city limits of Abilene can drop off all tree stumps, branches, limbs, and even grass clippings at the Brush and Limb Center at no cost. You will have to show both a valid state ID card, and some sort of proof you live inside the city limits (a copy of utility bill works).

Best news of all - if you're planting or decorating and need some good tree mulch, you are allowed to take some with you, absolutely free. The downside is you will have to move it all yourself. City employees can load it for you at $4 a yard. The "premium-grade" mulch, also known as "double grind", will cost $6 a yard if the city loads it, or $4 a yard if you load it.

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For additional information call 325-677-2149. That number should be easy to remember as the Brush and Limb Center is located at 2149 Sandy Street. See the map below.

Brush Center

    • 2149 Sandy Street, Abilene, TX
    • Mon-Fri open 8 am - 5 pm
    • Sat open 8 am - 3 pm
    • Closed Sunday
    • They will haul wood mulch to you inside city limits
    • Tree limbs cannot be longer than 8 feet
    • Tree stumps cannot be bigger than 18 inches in diameter
    • Bagged grass and debris must be emptied
    • City of Abilene contact # 325-676-6053

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