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Is he really in charge?
It used to be okay for politicians and those in the media to question the mental well-being of a President. It used to be okay for the media and D.C. politicians to question whether or not a President was actually in control of his own administration or if someone else, or worse yet, another nation was in control.
During the Trump administration, we heard it all, but If you are a Republican asking this question about Joe Biden, you’ve just committed an evil act as Texas Senator John Cornyn found out on Monday. Cornyn was responding in a Twitter thread about the lack of media time Biden gives.
Cornyn tweeted,
The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted. Biden has opted for fewer sit down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters. Invites the question: is he really in charge?
The answer of course, is no, Biden isn’t really in charge and anyone with half a brain can figure that out. But the White House can’t come close to admitting that so instead they make up excuses, and even those are bad. According to FOX News, the deputy communications advisor, Kate Berner says the White House doesn't let Biden's schedule get in the way.
"He's the president, he's got a lot on his plate. We have people fanning out every single day across different media to amplify his message," Berner continued. "We don’t let his schedule be a limiting factor for us."
You know who else had a lot on their plates? Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. And we saw much more of those Presidents than we have Biden.
Maybe it's Obama pulling the strings or Susan Rice. Or maybe Kamala is already in charge. One thing is for certain, Senator John Cornyn is right to question who is in charge.

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