Update: The clip has been removed from YouTube, Yahoo! and Conan O’Brien’s official website, which seems to indicate that someone was unhappy with Hutcherson’s accidental confirmation.

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Not long ago, we heard a report suggesting that Lionsgate is planning on developing more Hunger Games sequels (or prequels, maybe), which makes sense given the franchise’s vast global success. Josh Hutcherson appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show with Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth to promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, where he added fuel to the sequel rumor fire.

Instead of letting a profitable series end on its own terms or come to a natural conclusion, studios have a tendency to milk them for all they’re worth, and although The Hunger Games is based on a contained trilogy of books, that doesn’t mean Lionsgate can’t find writers to cook up more stories in the same universe.

Hutcherson may or may not have accidentally spilled the confirmation beans on Conan’s show, which is broadcasting live this week from Comic-Con 2015. When asked about possible sequels or prequels, Lawrence demurs and is cut off by Hutcherson, who jumps in with “There is!” before backtracking with “I mean, we’ll see…” As O’Brien himself points out, Hutcherson is doing a terrible job of covering up his mistake.

Or maybe Hutcherson and Lawrence planned this little bit in advance to mess with fans. I mean, we’ll see...

I think Jennifer Lawrence has the appropriate response:


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