Even though he is one of the busiest artists in the music business these days, Drake is still making time for some of his unique hobbies, such as playing video games. After going viral for his Fortnite session with popular streamer Ninja last month, the "God's Plan" rapper logged back on with his new gamer friend last night (April 10).

After playing a couple of rounds in front of thousands of fans that tuned in to watch them on Twitch, Drizzy pledged to give $5,000 to Ninja if they won the duos match of their final battle. The popular streamer earned the big win with the More Life entertainer fulfilling his promise by asking for the details on where to donate the dough.

If you recall, Drake previously played with Ninja alongside Travis Scott back in mid-March, which broke a viewer record on Twitch with close to 607,000 tuning in to watch. Later on, Pittsburgh Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster also joined the game, and both Lil Yachty and Logic revealed that they were watching the stream happening live.

When he's not making music, it looks like we can expect some more pop-ups from Drizzy on Fortnite and Twitch, which he previously revealed he has started doing over the last month or so.

Check out streaming footage of Ninja and Drake's gaming session below.

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