Every week we will ask one of our local public figures a few questions - some serious, some not so serious. This week, the President of Abilene's United Way, Dr. Cathy Ashby is the 'Talk of the Town'.

Dr. Ashby says Abilene's most valuable attribute is it's people. People from Abilene are very friendly, genuine and you'll never meet a stranger in the Key City.

The United Way leader describes Abilene to people from other countries as beautiful and scenic. She goes on to say that Abilene has the most beautiful sunsets.

Finally, Dr. Ashby admits that she prefers a "white sandy beach" over mountains. Being that she was raised in Florida the sound of the ocean is most comforting to her.

If you have any suggestions for future Talk of the Town candidates or questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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