The Denver Broncos received their Super Bowl 50 rings in a private ceremony on Sunday night and, boy, are they something to behold.

Even Von Miller, who's embroiled in contract talks with the team, made it to the event. And when you get a glimpse of how ridonkulous they are, it's not hard to see why.

Yup, as the Broncos point out, "The Super Bowl 50 Championship Ring boasts 212 round, tapered and marquise shaped diamonds all meticulously set in a 10 karat white-and-yellow gold ring. This collection of stones comes together to create a stunning ring that tops more than 5.05 carats." Yeah, you can bet they didn't go to Jared.

The ring also features a trio of Lombardi trophies over the team's logo on honor of the three Super Bowls the franchise has won. The sides of the ring have 56 stones, as a tribute to the 56 years the team has been in existence, while there are 15 at the top and bottom, for the number of wins the Broncos had last year. One side of the ring also has the player's number, while the other includes the words "This one's for Pat," a tribute to the team's owner.

You get the sense it will be alright if Denver doesn't repeat as Super Bowl champions because there's just no way they can top this piece of jewelry.

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