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On Thursday, Beto O'Rourke kicks off his latest tour to find himself and decide whether or not he will run for office. It's a tradition for O'Rourke at this point. Lose a race, take a road trip, and think about what office you want to run for next. Let's just hope that O'Rourke is done livestreaming from the dentist office.

Officially, O'Rourke is touring Texas to warn Texans about the scary piece of legislation known as voter integrity that will have to be brought up in a Special Session. O'Rourke will kick off his campaign, sorry, tour, in Midland, then travel to Lubbock on June 4th, Abilene on June 5th, and Wichita Falls on June 6th.

This is basically O'Rourke's way of re-introducing himself to the voters in Texas. O'Rourke is reportedly thinking about running in the Democrat primary for Texas Governor.

But other than the media in Texas, which is still somehow in love with the guy, is there anyone else excited about a possible O'Rourke campaign? He lost to Senator Ted Cruz in 2018 and got destroyed in the race for president.

In his lackluster presidential campaign, he had the media behind him and hoping that he would be the next big thing. And he wasn't. He blew all the momentum that he had and instead of acting as a moderate Democrat, he ran as a far left candidate who's ready to take away your guns, knock down the border wall, and is now against voter integrity at the ballot box.

We know who O'Rourke is now. Do Democrats really want to go back down that road?

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